At the time, we didn't know what direction we would go with our new endeavor, but we did know we wanted to be family oriented and offer top quality products with excellent customer service. After diving deep into the roots of the industry, we found ourselves bringing everything inhouse, offering our own beer, our own mixture of delicious recipes, and keeping our food as farm to table as possible! 

Little by little, we moved our brewery to new heights, starting from a very simplified menu, to adding extensive entrees and daily specials. Family owned, and family operated, we our little blips and hiccups, but our family always comes together at the end to put out the best quality product possible for our patrons. The beer is clean and refreshing, the food isn't overly complicated, yet flavorful. At OFE Brewery, we created an atmosphere for everyone to enjoy and afford, enjoy comfort, games, and good conversation all around.

More recently, we finished our outdoor patio to create an ambiance of outdoor dining, with the visual directly into our brewery windows! As we progress, we add more and more fun and games to our humble slice of heaven, and work towards bringing love and laughter to the hearts of our patrons, family and friends! Enjoy your life and enjoy your time at our dream come true! See y'all soon. 


The Faussette's

The Faussette's, locals to centre county for over 28 years. Extremely hard working, coming from many backgrounds of business and industries. OFE's head waitress and front of the house manager, Michele Faussette, is the heart of the restaurant and works daily to make sure all of our patrons have the best experience with the best company. The brewery bossman, Dave Faussette Sr (POPS), takes care of all the maintenence and brewery day to day with our master brewer Jonny. Then there is Dave Jr, who comes from a business and Penn State alumni background, he takes care of the business as a whole and the back of the house, Dave Jr controls and operates multiple businesses with his experience in Management and advertising. We all do our part to offer the best experience to all of you, create the best beer around, and create the best overall experience we can. 

With COVID-19, we have had our ups and downs, but we will never give up on our dream, and always be working towards keeping everyone safe and healthy that step foot onto our property. We have followed every guideline out there to make sure we are doing our do diligence to follow protocol and health standards to the fullest. Be assured that you are in good hands here at OFE, as long as we are opened, we will keep serving the experience daily!